The Sassy | Chic | Geeks

The SCGs are busy living their best life, ever, while exploring ways that they can do their part to make the world a better place for all. Thanks to the passion of Sasstopia‚Äôs new mayor, Tiggy Turquoize, the newly formed Women Igniting Leadership in Diversity, aka the WILD Council, is working hard to develop their agenda for supporting diverse women and girls. The WILD Council is made up of a group of women entrepreneurs in downtown Sasstopia that want to use their skills to help others raise their voice (be sassy); express themselves by their own rules (live chic); and use their brainpower as the ultimate girl power (think geek).

The ladies of the WILD Council have reached out to all of their friends, including the #MotleyCrew, and are excited to get the conversation poppin'. With many diverse voices, opinions and ideas coming to the table, they encounter their share of challenges, but believe that the diversity of who they are also unites them under a shared mission to advance women and girls.

Follow the #MotleyCrew, the WILD Council and their friends while they dare to go there, discovering that their journey to help others teaches them valuable lessons about themselves.