Maddy B gets her Sassy, Chic, Geek on!

Maddy B gets her Sassy, Chic, Geek on!


Maddy B is a sassy 10-year-old girl living her best life in Sasstopia. She wants her own YouTube channel to talk about her everyday life and to be a voice for girls her age, but her parents think that she's too young. They want to encourage her to express herself and gave her equipment to create a digital journal, but she is not allowed to post anything online.

​Maddy B quickly gets started making videos and taking pictures of her daily life. When she joins a leadership program for girls, Maddy B knows that it's only a matter of time before her parents let her share her life experiences and stories for the entire world to see!

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  • Book Size: 6x9 inches

  • Pages: 48

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