#MotleyCrew Flashcard Set

#MotleyCrew Flashcard Set


Have you met the Sassy | Chic | Geek #MotleyCrew? They are a diverse group of gal pals living in the quaint town of Sasstopia. They are on a mission to live their best life, ever, and are passionate about showing the world what it means to raise their voice (be sassy); express themselves by their own rules (live chic); and use their brainpower as the ultimate #GirlPower (think geek).

Our #MotleyCrew flashcards are a great way to spark conversations with teens and young women about self-expression as well as celebrating the diversity of who we are as individuals. Included on each flashcard is the #MotleyCrew's Vital Sass - important details that describe each of their quirky personalities. Our flashcards are perfect for helping young women and girls explore, identify with and have fun engaging with diverse characters one-on-one, with other friends or in groups.


  • 1 set of #MotleyCrew flashcards

  • Customized quantities are available upon request by emailing info@sassychicgeek.com. Ships within 48 hours.

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