This Sassy | Chic | Geek!

About Charise Liggins

For Charise, creating Sassy | Chic | Geek has been a lifelong journey! Her life experiences have helped form the foundation for her core beliefs:  

  • Diversity of people and ideas is crucial to a fair and just society.

  • We all have our quirks and they should be celebrated.

  • Life is a journey and we should take moments to pause and reflect.

  • A little bit of swag goes a long way as we go about our day-to-day!

Charise started Sassy | Chic | Geek to build a community that celebrates women and girls that dare to raise their voices to be heard (sassy); live a life of purpose and self-expression (chic); and use our brainpower as the ultimate #girlpower (geek). 

Since then, Charise has worked to build a platform that seeks to get the conversation poppin' to advance women and girls in society through quirky characters living in the quaint town of Sasstopia. Charise hopes that Sassy | Chic | Geek can add some flavor, while sippin' diversi-tea about important conversations that help make society better for all.

Charise currently resides in the DMV. Learn more by visiting LinkedIn or give a shout @