Downtown Sasstopia

Downtown Sasstopia

The Mission

A Sassy | Chic | Geek gets it poppin' to celebrate diverse women, girls, and ideas through our characters who promote speaking up (sassy), self-confidence (chic) and lifelong learning (geek).

What is a Sassy | Chic | Geek?

A Sassy | Chic | Geek (SCG) is a woman or girl who dares to go there. Living in Sasstopia, they go there by raising their voices to be heard (sassy); living a life of self-expression by their own rules (chic); and believing that knowledge is the true essence of their feminine [or girl] powers (geek). 

code of scgs.png

Not-so-secret Code

Are you Sassy | Chic | Geek? That's the call-to-action for anyone that believes in what being sassy, chic, geek is all about. The ladies of Sasstopia believe that they are a movement in the making with a not-so-secret code that flips the script and turns the tables to redefine what it means to be sassy, chic and geek. It is their manifesto and sets the foundation for the way that they get the conversation poppin'!

Well, are you Sassy | Chic | Geek?

 Celebrating Diversity

The SCGs believe that diversity of people and ideas is critical to building a fair and just society. Let's face it, one box does not fit all and it shouldn't have to. We should be celebrating the things that make us different, rather than using our differences to divide.