A Sassy | Chic | Geek is a smart and savvy woman [or girl] who dares to go there to be sassy, live chic, and think geek. We are in the business of advancing the agenda of women and girls through our collections of QuirkySwag and by building a growing community where the call to action comes in the form of a question – Are you Sassy | Chic | Geek?


What started as an idea for a blog in 2014, slowly evolved into our QurkySwag collections of stationery – collectible flashcards, postcards, greeting cards, notebooks, etc. We also have a line of tees and are on the lookout for other product ideas that match our customers’ varied interests.

 Our approach to creating each collection is embodied in our core values:

  •  Diversity of people and ideas is crucial to a fair and just society.
  • We all have our quirks and they should be celebrated.
  • Life is a journey and we should take moments to pause and reflect.
  • A little bit of swag goes a long way as we go about our day-to-day!

Answering the Call-to-Action

The Sassy | Chic | Geek community of smart and savvy women has a belief system built on choice. Our call-to-action is a question because we want you to choose the ideas that we share in the Code of the Sassy | Chic | Geeks without shaming or using fear tactics. Yes, the call-to-action on being the best version of yourself is urgent, but it is up to you to decide when to make moves. We celebrate the unique stories and connect on common ideas. To us, obtaining knowledge never ends and street smarts are just as valuable as book smarts.

About the Founder

Charise Liggins founded Sassy | Chic | Geek as an idea for a blog in 2014 after moving to New York City for the THIRD time, one year after moving to Charlotte, NC. The move to Charlotte was an epic fail and Charise was looking for an outlet for her voice to be heard.

Before the blog took shape, Charise re-immersed herself back into City living and continuing to build on her career. But she realized that like her, many of her peers were stuck in career limbo trying to shatter the personal and professional glass ceilings. 

Sassy | Chic | Geek quickly transitioned from an idea for a blog to a platform where women could come together to celebrate, connect and take action on the things that they believed in. She believed that they could come together and share their collective voices and stories about the things that ignite their passions and, together, figure out a plan for moving forward. 

Charise wanted Sassy | Chic | Geek to be an outlet that celebrated ideas that ran counter to mainstream beliefs, ideas and values, especially as it related to women. She wanted to celebrate the quirky. She wanted to celebrate being Sassy | Chic | Geek. You see, Charise believes that our careers, our passions and the way that we choose to live our life are interconnected. She wanted Sassy | Chic | Geek to be an outlet to explore those connections. So, she “unofficially” officially launched the platform in 2015 with a big ‘ol party and immediately dived into creating a lot of content as well as reaching out to engage with diverse women.

She put a lot out there and stayed open before focusing in on one particular format for engaging. In doing so, she learned quite a bit about herself. For one, she realized that she enjoyed making things and telling stories of the personal journey of women she admired. But, putting a lot out there also made the vision for what she was hoping to achieve a little fuzzy. Although the feedback was generally positive, many were not sure how to actually engage.

The truth is, she didn’t really know how she wanted to engage, though she loved finding quirky, fun ways to deliver the ideas of Sassy | Chic | Geek. She had to reconcile those feelings and went offline to take everything in. One day, she had an “aha” moment and the idea of creating collectible flashcards of women representing the ideas of Sassy | Chic | Geek was born. You see, the story of Sassy | Chic | Geek is just beginning. 

Charise's career spans 15 years working in both the public and private sector in marketing, program management, small business and economic development. She has a BBA in Marketing from Pace University and an MS in Nonprofit Management from the New School University. She currently resides on the fringes of New York City.